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country in West Africa, bordering North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal.
Gambian sleeping sickness - caused by parasite Trypanosoma brucei and transmitted through bite of an infected tsetse fly. Synonym(s): trypanosomiasis
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d) The election results of April 2017 clearly proved the will of the Gambian people to open a new chapter in their history, as Jammeh's party APRC (for me: Association of Psychopaths, Rogues and Criminals) only got five seats in Parliament instead of 48 as before.
Meanwhile, on Friday, April 28, Gambian President Barrow begins his days activities with a meeting with Ambassadors of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) at the Boulevard Palace Hotel.
This antipodal experience of Gambian history is well-captured in this edition of the Historical Dictionary of The Gambia.
Jammeh called on Gambians to work together regardless of their political, religious or ethnic affiliation, saying that coming together will propel the country to make progress and collectively confront its challenges.
Reportedly, a Gambian youth in his mid-20s was shot dead during a raid by Libyan police on a migrants' hideout.
These responsibilities, said Joof, included job creation, poverty alleviation through savings, and Zakat thereby contributing meaningfully to the improvement of the socio-economic status of Gambians and the overall growth of the economy.
Long-tailed monk about on the lodge's rus while Gambian men sat life in the shade.
An extensive survey of the literature on civil-military relations and the causes of coups d'etat reifies the theoretical framework proposed for discussing the Gambian case (chapter 2).
Jane used to teach in the Gambia, and the Gambian President Yahya A J J Jammeh is one of her former students.
Our tour guide, Mucki Bojang, of West African Tours, helped paint a true reflection of Gambian culture throughout our trip.
There are great day trips to places outside the immediate area, and you'll receive endless offers from local Gambians promising to show you the sites a lot cheaper than the official tour operators.
More than 63% of Gambians live in rural villages (1993 census), although more and more young people come to the capital in search of work and education.