Galen, Claudius

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Galen, Claudius

A noted Greek physician and medical writer, circa a.d. 129–199. He lived in Rome and was physician to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He is called the father of experimental physiology.

Galen anastomosis

Anastomosis between the superior and inferior laryngeal nerves.

great vein of Galen

Vein of Galen.

vein of Galen

A short midline unpaired vein between the cerebral hemispheres of the brain. It forms as the merger of the right and the left internal cerebral veins, and it bends upward (around the splenium of the corpus callosum) to empty into the straight sinus.
Synonym: great vein of Galen; great cerebral vein
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Claudius, Greek physician and medical scientist in Rome, c. 130-201 A.D.
Galen anastomosis - Synonym(s): Galen nerve
Galen bandage
Galen dressing
Galen foramen
Galen nerve - communicating branch of superior laryngeal nerve with recurrent laryngeal nerve. Synonym(s): Galen anastomosis
Galen ventricle
galenical - referring to medicine prepared from plants rather than chemicals.
great cerebral vein of Galen - a large, unpaired vein formed by the junction of the two internal cerebral veins. Synonym(s): great vein of Galen
great vein of Galen - Synonym(s): great cerebral vein of Galen
veins of Galen - Synonym(s): internal cerebral veins
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