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Claudius Galenus (a.d. 130–200). Celebrated Greek physician to Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Although he did not dissect the human cadaver, he made many valuable anatomic and physiologic observations on animals (applying many of them inaccurately to humans). His writings on these and other subjects were extensive, and his influence on medicine was profound for many centuries. His teleology “nature does nothing in vain” was particularly attractive to the medieval mind, although it was stultifying for advances in medical thought and practice.


(GaleniusGalenos) (gā'lĕn),
Claudius, Greek physician and medical scientist in Rome, c. 130-201 ce. See: Galen anastomosis, Galen nerve, veins of Galen, great vein of Galen.


(gā′lən) ad 130?-200?.
Greek anatomist, physician, and philosopher. His theories, which emphasized maintaining a balance of the four humors, formed the basis of European medicine until the Renaissance.


A European effort to create reusable terminological classification services using a concept-oriented approach. It supplements the development of nursing terminology, allowing comparisons among present nursing terminologies and making them available for describing day-to-day nursing care.
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