Georg T.A., German hygienist, 1850-1918. See: Gaffky scale, Gaffky table.
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Salmonella was first isolated from a human sample in 1884 by bacteriologist Georg Gaffky and later identified as Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serotype Typhi.
Smear staining from the bronchial aspiration fluid resulted in a Gaffky scale rating of 0.
Os surtos de salmonelose humana foram relatados pela primeira vez por Gaffky em 1880 (CORREA & CORREA, 1992), sendo que o sistema de producao e abate de frangos tende a favorecer a presenca de Salmonella no produto final (BERCHIERI et al.
In 1880, Koch accepted a position at the Imperial Health Office in Berlin, where he was provided with a good laboratory and 2 able assistants, Georg Gaffky and Friedrich Loeffier.
Sputum smear testing showed acid-fast bacilli (AFB) graded Gaffky 2 (grade 1+ on the World Health Organization scale) (4).