Frederick J., U.S. surgeon, 1877-1937. See: Gaenslen sign.
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Locomotor system examination revealed positive results for bilateral Gaenslen and pelvic compression tests.
Inicialmente, Acevedo y Quintero (14) llevaron a cabo un estudio piloto con 68 pacientes, el cual evidencio que el test de Patrick (sensibilidad del 63 %-100 % y especificidad del 77 %), el test de Gaenslen (sensibilidad del 71 % y especificidad del 26 %) y el test de Yeomans tienen el mejor rendimiento diagnostico de la defuncion sacroiliaca.
She presented with moon facies, abdominal obesity, no edema, no struma, atrophy of the interossei muscles of her hands, positive Gaenslen signs, and compression pain in both wrists, the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCP), distal thumb joint, and the forefeet.
Partial calcanectomy, first described by Gaenslen in 1931, is simple to perform and clears infected bone, tissue, and ulceration.
The technical data of the recent DIOLEN(r)SAFE fabrics by Prevent Gaenslen and Volter and the design of the flame retardant polyester qualities convinced trade professionals in the business.
(17.) Gaenslen A, Unmuth B, Godau J, Liepelt I, Di SA, Schweitzer KJ, et al.
housing market and unsteady economy are also worries, although "our view is the towel market will hold its own," said Charles Gaenslen, chief operating officer of Welspun USA.