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Wichita Southeast High School GSA, (316) 807-2271, psychsteve2@yahoo.
Partly as a result of the loss of DOD business, GSA announced deep staff cuts at its Assisted Acquisition Services unit, the successor to the Technology Service.
As a small number of students generate headlines with high-profile battles against parents and school officials over forming GSAs in some rural areas, there's a quiet revolution of gay clubs forming in high schools across the country.
Let GSA take you the "extra mile" with each project
The problems besetting OJP aren't much different from those facing GSA, HUD, and other agencies whose main function is to dole out money.
They said four GSA regions were not fully complying with DOD regulations and may have violated the Antideficiency Act, the law that governs how agencies spend appropriated funds.
Government customers now have the option to place large orders directly with Wizzard Software through our GSA Schedule.
Like energy management, recycling and waste reduction is another way GSA is helping cut costs.
Strict compliance is mandatory because GSA auditors have increased their contract audit activity of FSSP contractors.
A representative for GSA Preview said: "With all of the different types of Schedules out there, having experienced people dedicated to making sure all of the requirements are covered can make a big difference.