GLAD lesion

A lesion described by Nevaiser in 1993, which consists of a superficial tear of the antero-inferior labrum with an adjacent articular cartilage injury. The extent of the injury may vary from a cartilaginous flap tear to a depressed osteochondral injury of the articular cartilage and underlying bone. The usual mechanism of injury is glenohumeral impaction with the arm in abduction and external rotation. The patients present with persistent pain but the shoulder is stable to routine examination, and erosion of the articular cartilage of the glenoid fossa not associated with anterior glenohumeral joint instability
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A GLAD lesion (glenoid labral articular disruption) is an anteroinferior labral tear along with an associated defect in the articular cartilage.
The GLAD lesion: another cause of anterior shoulder pain.