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macrophage migration inhibitory factor

A 25-kD proinflammatory lymphokine, produced by T cells in response to antigenic stimulus, which inhibits macrophage migration.

MMIF is encoded by MIF on chromosome 22q11.23.

Cell-mediated immunity, inflammation and regulation of macrophage function in host defence by suppressing the anti-inflammatory effects of glucocorticoids.
Increases intracellular cAMP, polymerises microtubules, stops macrophage progression.
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I'm no longer surprised when I find that double-clicking on a GIF file opens WinZip.
When you open an already animated gif file in Gif Construction Set you can see the script "blocks" that make up an animated gif (screen figure 1): the header block, loop block, control block, image block and optional comment and application blocks.
From there, you can add music to your video, convert it into a GIF file, or even set your video as a wallpaper on your home or lock screen.
Now with the Cinemagraph app, all it takes is a single click to create a splendid looking gif file.
Anyone with a computer, modem and Internet access can visit a site, click on a photo and save it as a GIF file to use elsewhere without permission.
CNN claimed in an article Tuesday that they have tracked down the Reddit user who was responsible for creating a GIF file of President Donald Trump, which showed the commander-in-chief punching a man with the network's logo superimposed on his face.
The Stylo 5's camera features include an "AI Cam" that recognizes the subjects in the frame and suggests the optimal filters for the perfect shot, and a "GIF Capture" lets users create their own GIF files from videos they take.
Some gay fans have turned parts of his video interviews with 'Eddie the Eagle' costar Hugh Jackman-those where Egerton is attentively looking at the Aussie actor-into gif files.
04 (ANI): Nearly after a month of pulling down Giphy, Snapchat on Tuesday announced that it has allowed the platform for animated GIF files back on its database.