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A trial to determine the effect of different radiation doses (9, 12, 15, and 18 Gy at 1 mm) with 90Yt after patient CA or stenting of de novo lesions to prevent restenosis
Conclusion Pre-percutaneous brachytherapy reduces the incidence of restenosis; the results are best if the brachtherapy is coupled with balloon angioplasty or stenting
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Geneva is an important commercial and economic hub housing many of the worlds leading trading and trade finance companies, a growing cluster of pharmaceutical companies and the headquarters of various international organisations including, the International Red Cross.
The second international conference on Syria, known as Geneva II has been set to take place in Montreux, Switzerland on 22 January 2014.
France believes we cannot go to Geneva II if the basis of the negotiations for Geneva I can't move ahead," Araud insisted.
Mediterranean Colours Artvera's, Geneva 28 March-18 September www.
this popular park is opposite the Geneva Plage (beach) and is the ideal spot for a late breakfast or early lunch.
As one of the greenest cities in Europe, Geneva is signified by the country's rich proliferation of promenades that are a 'bustling hotbed' of sprawling cafes, parks, markets and other outdoor diversions from lake cruises to amusement rides and water skiing.
Swiss International's new daily Geneva-Prague service will depart from Geneva at 11:40 on weekdays, arriving in the Czech capital at 13:25.
Geneva represents single moms struggling to hold it all together while caring for everyone but themselves.
The Geneva Conventions and the torture treaty "place a legally binding obligation on states that have ratified them to exercise universal jurisdiction over persons accused of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions," Amnesty International USA said.
The Tel Aviv office of Beilin's Geneva Initiative, claiming private Jewish contributors financed the do-it-yourself accord, has issued numerous statements.
The WCC currently has about 180 staff at its Geneva headquarters.
Geneva focuses on understanding the needs of its customers and on delivering performance.