Smart Bomb

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A steerable radio-controlled, laser- or satellite-guided bomb designed to precisely hit a target and minimise collateral damage
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GBU would bring education revolution in the province besides spreading the rays of knowledge especially in women folk in all districts of the province, he said, adding PML-N government was the only government which completed every single project it launched in the interest of people and inauguration of GB University was a testimony towards this fact.
Alexander Haunschild, SVP of the regional business unit Pigments and Resins Europe and appointed head of the GBU. "Our customers will benefit from tailored services and higher responsiveness."
Nagendra Singh, an assistant professor with GBU's biotech and physics department, discovered the body of his wife Varsha, lying in a pool of blood, when he returned to his official quarters for lunch.
Each GBU will have a dedicated team of sales, R/D, process engineering, manufacturing and sourcing, and business strategy personnel and will have full accountability for improving execution through greater asset and market focus, agility and responsiveness, the company said.