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A coil that both transmits radiofrequency and receives the magnetic resonance signal.
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GBIC being one of the leaders in the debit card industry in the European market with more than 90 million girocards issued in Germany, JCB expects to increase brand presence significantly in the region.
Stratos' long-range GBICs are currently available in volume.
Orders are now being accepted at a list price of $1,649 for a fully managed, 24-port 10/100 switched Ethernet configuration with 2 GBIC Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC from Aspen Optics can help both telecom operators and end users to "Plug and Expand" fiber network.
In addition to autonegotiation and loop-back test functions, the M7260M includes Web-based management, GBIC fiber-optic module technology, and carries a lifetime warranty.
"Guinness celebrates the inner strength in all of us that helps us to achieve in life and raises a glass to Lance Armst rong in his honor." In the photo above (L-R) Kyle Yearick, director metro New York/New Jersey sales, GBIC, Robin Williams, Harry Bigelow, vice president, national sales, GBIC, Tome Rose, vice president, consumer marketing, GBIC Lance Armstrong and Dave Eickholt, president, GBIC.
With our full-featured single, dual and quad-port Alaska Gigabit PHY transceivers in volume production today, Marvell is the only 'game in town' to serve the different Gigabit market segments including high-density enterprise switches, desktop, mobile, copper/fiber Gigabit media converter, Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) module, and emerging markets such as storage area networks (SANs)."
Marvell's Alaska Ultra+ transceiver offers simultaneous support of both copper and fiber interfaces, whereby the copper port is connected to a transformer and RJ45 connector, and the fiber port is connected to a Gigabit fiber-optic module or GBIC device.
The IntraCore 6524 is available at a list price of $1,649 for a fully managed, 24-port 10/100 switched Ethernet configuration with 2 GBIC Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Now that GBIC has shed all brands unrelated to Ireland or the UK, it is focusing on evolving recently developed strategies for its core brands, Guinness and Bass.
Founded in 1988, Finisar Corporation develops and manufactures high-speed fiber optic components, network analyzers, and test equipment, including GBIC transceivers, protocol analyzers, data generators, and link extenders for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks.