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A coil that both transmits radiofrequency and receives the magnetic resonance signal.
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GBIC being one of the leaders in the debit card industry in the European market with more than 90 million girocards issued in Germany, JCB expects to increase brand presence significantly in the region.
Stratos' long-range GBICs are currently available in volume.
Marvell's Alaska Ultra+ Gigabit Ethernet over copper transceiver samples (88E1011S) are currently available while the Finisar FCM-8519-3 1000BASE-T GBIC module is currently in volume production.
GBIC reported volume depletions of Bass in fiscal year 2001 at about 7.
Essentially, the MIAs provide a lower cost solution to GBICs, but are mechanically less desirable.
Summary: Aspen Optics is launching an innovative BiDi GBIC to C[pounds sterling]Plug and ExpandC[yen] fiber network.
This is an amicable parting of the ways between parties that is a result of the Bass Beer Worldwide sale to Interbrew and regulatory requirements related to that transaction," said GBIC president John Replogle.