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After the GAO received the agency report, the parties participated in an outcome prediction ADR conference with the GAO attorney assigned to the case.
IMSA agrees with the GAO recommendation that the NAIC and the states make identifying a common set of standards for market-conduct oversight a higher priority.
On notification of the problems with its e-filing systems, IRS officials moved quickly to correct the weaknesses identified by the GAO before the beginning of the 2001 tax filing season.
and the department expressed "a high level of confidence that no additional funds will be needed to close out all remaining ITER-related activities," GAO said.
But perhaps the GAO acts most mother-like when worrying about the potential of a forthcoming calamity.
In addition, the Federal Reserve already had under way several specific initiatives related to recommendations made by the GAO.
To improve the quality of appraisers hired, the GAO recommends that the RTC develop and implement detailed qualification standards and hiring criteria.
In July 2008 and March 2009, GAO reported on substantial vulnerabilities to fraud and abuse in the HUBZone application and monitoring process.
Several years ago, I culled the latest GAO (US Government Accountability Office) reports for items pertaining to defense logistics and transportation.
In April 2006, the GAO issued a report (1) on the military's family housing privatization program.
These actions correspond to Recommendations 1, 2, 4 and 7, respectively, in the GAO report.