G1 phase

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G1 phase, G1 period

see cell cycle.
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Cell-cycle phases: G1=gap 1 or cell growth before cell division, GO=resting state from G1 phase, S=DNA synthesis, G2=gap 2 or cell growth before mitosis, and M=mitosis.
Brain cells in the G0 and G1 phases were separated through the use of ribonuclease (RNAse): G0 were quiescent cells with low RNA content, and G1 were growing cells with high RNA content (Theilacker and Shen, 1993b).
In the present study, in accordance with the literature, expression of cyclins during the S phase in the control group was significantly higher than that during the GO/ G1 phase (cyclin A: P <0.
Maximal expression of cyclin E was observed during the GO/ G1 phase, which was higher than that during the S phase (P < 0.
Annonacin, a monotetrahydrofuran acetogenin, isolated from Annona species reportedly arrested cancer cells at the G1 phase and caused cytotoxicity (Yuan et al.
The study team has now found that Vif also acts at an earlier stage in the cell cycle, driving cells out of the G1 phase and into the more active S phase.
GGTase I inhibitors block Rho function in cancer cells and induce a G1 phase cell cycle arrest by a mechanism involving induction of the CDK inhibitors p21waf and p27kip, CDK2 and CDK4 inhibition and hypophoshorylation of the tumor suppressor Rb.
The antiproliferative activity of heparin has been linked to the blockage of the G1 phase of the cell cycle, and also reduces the number of cells entering the cycle from G1 (1), (3), (22), (25), (26).
DNA analysis showed an aneuploid peak with a quotient between the G1 phases of both cell populations of 1.