G1 phase

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G1 phase, G1 period

see cell cycle.
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How stem cells manage to quickly transition through the G1 phase without risking incomplete MCM loading and resultant DNA damage has been a mystery.
Senescence is the result of cellular stresses, including DNA damage, that give rise to a cell cycle arrest in the G1 phase of the cell cycle; it involves the accumulation of the cell cycle inhibitor p16INK4A.
Our results demonstrated that VPA treatment suppresses the growth of cancer cells by inducing G1 phase arrest and apoptosis; therefore, VPA should be evaluated as an alternative or adjuvant therapy for OSCC in the clinic.
Cell-cycle phases: G1=gap 1 or cell growth before cell division, GO=resting state from G1 phase, S=DNA synthesis, G2=gap 2 or cell growth before mitosis, and M=mitosis.
As a result we found that ZFX is a novel regulator which modulates the proliferation and migration capabilities of Osteosarcoma cells via arrested G0/ G1 phase cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
In G1 phase, cell stimulated to multiply activates cyclin-dependent kinase genes (CDK), which stimulate cell cycle progression for division and to originate two daughter cells.
Low dose of Dox combined with LiCl caused significant decrease of cell population in G1 phase and high G2/M arrest.
o cells that had been transfected with control siRNA-F at G1 phase increased gradually with the extended culture time.
infantum promastigotes with 22 [micro]M miltefosine for 24 hr indicated an increased proportion of cells in the sub-G0 G1 phase to 16.