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A 4000-year-old Oriental technique that combines massage and acupuncture; in the usual format, the practitioner uses fingers, knuckles and thumbs (less commonly palms, elbows, and feet) to apply pressure for 3-10 seconds on the same points used in acupuncture; these pressure points are specific for each meridian or energy channel. Acupressure is believed to balance the natural flow of energy through the body and enhance natural vital forces.

Anecdotal reports suggest that acupressure may be effective in treating such diverse conditions as arthritis, bruxism, claustrophobia, common cold, GI-tract problems including N&V and irritable bowl syndrome, gout, gynaecologic complaints, insomnia, laryngitis, migraines, painful conditions (myalgia), neuralgia, sciatica, slipped or prolapsed vertebral disks, renal disease, sports injuries, stuttering, sweating, tinnitus, and vertigo.
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