airway conductance

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ability to conduct or transmit, as electricity or other energy or material.
airway conductance in studies of respiration, an expression of the amount of air reaching the alveoli per unit of time per unit of pressure, the reciprocal of airway resistance.
social conductance interaction appropriate to one's environment, making use of manners, respect for personal space, eye contact, gestures, active listening, and self expression; a performance component of occupational therapy.

airway conductance (Gaw)

the instantaneous rate of gas flow in the airway per unit of pressure difference between the mouth, nose, or other airway opening and the alveoli. It is the reciprocal of airway resistance.

airway conductance

Abbreviation: GAW
The amount of airflow divided by the amount of pressure that produces it; a measure of the ability of the respiratory airways to maintain airflow.
See also: conductance