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camera, fundus 

A camera attached to an indirect ophthalmoscope aimed at photographing the image of the fundus of the eye. This image is produced by the objective of the ophthalmoscope at the first focal point of the objective of the viewing microscope (and of the camera), which forms an image on the film. A flip mirror within the optical path of the viewing microscope allows the observer to view the image of the fundus and focus it, thus ensuring that the image being photographed is as clear as that being viewed. Fundus cameras usually require a dilated pupil of about 4 mm and their fields of view extend up to 45º. They provide an objective photographic record of any condition in the fundus. They can also be used to take photographs of the anterior segment of the eye. See ocular fundus; indirect ophthalmoscope; scanning laser ophthalmoscope.
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Key Players in the global fundus camera market include Canon, Inc., Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, CenterVue SpA, Epipole Ltd., Forus Health Pvt.
A simple Python program, based on the picamera module written by Dave Jones [6], is used for the fundus camera and is provided in the Supplementary Instructions.
According to the self-perceived satisfaction with the classical pupil dilation versus fundus camera examination, 20.4% versus 83.6% of the participants expressed satisfaction, respectively, while 37.0% versus 9.1% were unsatisfied, and 42.6% versus 7.3% could not decide.
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Staff can cross train and operate the fundus camera in conjunction with general clinic duties.
"But the use of the fundus camera broadens the testing process further, enabling them to spot further problems."
Carl Zeiss AB has received a contract award for a fundus camera from SLL Upphandling, the purchasing organisation of the county of Stockholm, Sweden.
Essilor Instruments launched the Vision-R 800 digital phoropter and Retina 800 fundus camera at Optrafair Exchange.
Tools used for retinal screening: The tools used for screening of DR were direct Ophthalmoscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, Slit-lamp bio-microscopy with 90D fundus lens in dilated pupil or digital photography with Non-Mydriatic fundus camera (NMFC).