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ac·tive site

that portion of an enzyme molecule at which the actual reaction proceeds; considered to consist of one or more residues or atoms in a spatial arrangement that permits interaction with the substrate to effect its reaction.
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active site

The part of an enzyme at which catalysis of the substrate occurs.
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Active Site

The site in an enzyme where a substrate binds and an enzymatic reaction—e.g., ligation, oxidoreduction, etc.—occurs. The structure of the amino acid residues within the active site enhances substrate binding, substrate activation, and formation of a transition state.
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ac·tive site

(ak'tiv sīt)
That portion of an enzyme molecule at which the actual reaction proceeds; one or more residues or atoms in a spatial arrangement that permits interaction with the substrate.
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active site

1. The region of an ENZYME to which the substance being affected binds so as to undergo a catalyzed reaction.
2. The localized part of a protein to which a substrate binds.
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Fig. 11 Active site . Lock-and-key mechanism of enzyme activity.

active site

an area of ENZYME surface which has a shape complementary to a particular SUBSTRATE, enabling the enzyme and substrate to become temporarily bonded to form an enzyme-substrate complex. Such a lock-and-key mechanism explains the great specificity of enzymes for substrates and also why changes in enzyme three-dimensional shape (by pH, temperature) cause alterations to enzyme activity.
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