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func·tion (f),

1. The special action or physiologic property of an organ or other part of the body.
2. To perform its special work or office, said of an organ or other part of the body.
3. The general properties of any substance, depending on its chemical character and relation to other substances, according to which it may be grouped (for example, acids, bases, alcohols, esters).
4. A particular reactive grouping in a molecule, for example, a functional group, such as the -OH group of an alcohol.
5. A quality, trait, or fact that is so related to another as to be dependent on and to vary with this other.
6. A mathematic variable or expression.
[L. functio, fr. fungor, pp. functus, to perform]
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The amount of functional groups present in the biosorbent is calculated in meq per gram according to the Boehm procedure [18].
The step-by-step substitution of the functional group on the polypyridyl ligand allows analysis with essentially a single variable, changing the electron affinity of the terminal group on the polypyridyl ligand.
(ii) Do the nutrients derived from pisciculture in the reservoir cause an anthropogenic disturbance that increases the biomass of cyanobacterial phytoplankton functional groups? To answer these questions, we analyzed the reservoir's phytoplankton population using the functional group.
Keywords: environmental watering, water plant functional groups, threatened flora
In the work of other authors, a HIX containing CuO was obtained by a column method with the use of a microporous (gel-type) strongly alkaline anion exchanger whose functional groups were converted in the first step into tetrachlorocuprate(II) form [7].
On the surface of AC, oxygen containing functional groups are responsible for the oxidation of cyclohexane to cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone [35].
soil drainage, soil water retention); and (4) increasing nutrient retention at surface functional groups. Considerable effort is being invested in developing methodologies to characterise biochar (Jeffery et al.
The influence of the gold nanoparticles on promoting or inhibiting osteogenic differentiation therefore varied depending on the types of functional groups.
2012) the germination of the species used in this experiment the establishment of the swards the yields and yield contribution of the functional groups have been studied.
Students should be able to name and draw simple molecules, give their names and identify functional groups, but often struggle to do so.
Summary: High polarization power may be achieved by designing dopants with chiral cores having polar functional groups that are conformationally more restricted when confined to the zigzag binding site of the (smectic) SmC host.
During the oxidation process, graphite crystal was treated with strong oxidizing agents and carried oxygen-containing functional groups into graphite oxide sheet.

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