Nordhausen sulfuric acid

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Nord·haus·en sul·fu·ric ac·id

sulfuric acid containing sulfurous acid gas in solution.
[named for a town in the state of Saxony in Germany where it was first prepared]
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a town in Saxony where the acid was first prepared.
Nordhausen sulfuric acid - contains sulfurous acid gas in solution. Synonym(s): fuming sulfuric acid
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Concentrated sulfuric acid (96.3%) and fuming sulfuric acid (30% free S[O.sub.3]) were obtained from Fisher Scientific.
For the sulfonation of PEKK with fuming sulfuric acid, sulfonation can occur on either of the aromatic rings that have one ether and one ketone substituent (see rings 1 and 3 in Fig.
Sulfur trioxide is available for laboratory purposes as a freshly distilled or stabilized liquid, or as fuming sulfuric acid (oleum).