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The firm's plant engineer worked closely with the melt deck operators in developing a full-scale cardboard model of the furnace fumehood, which the operators believed would reduce heat and eliminate the need for dust masks.
Elimination of open-air burning can be achieved through education, and the use of retorts, fumehoods, and mercury re-activation cells --each of these basic technologies provides mercury users with economic incentives by reducing mercury consumption.
Furnishings Used in the Lab % Respondents Chairs, bench 86% Lighting, overhead 86% Chairs, desk 85% Safety devices, eye-wash 85% Waste containers 78% Cabinets, hazardous storage 76% Cabinets, non-hazardous storage 75% Fumehoods, ducted 75% Sinks 74% Safety devices, shower 69% Desks, fixed 60% Safety devices, fire suppression 57% Safety devices, spill cleanup 54% Casework, fixed 50% Cabinets, personal storage 45% Safety devices, medical cabinets 40% Fans, fixed 35% Desks, mobile 29% Fans, portable 29% Lighting, flexible 21% Note: Table made from bar graph.