Fumaria indica

Fumaria indica,

n See pitpapra.
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Hepatoprotective potential of Fumaria indica Pugsley whole plant extracts, fractions and an isolated alkaloid protopine.
They were treated with the combination of triclabendazole and levamisole, Mallotus philippensis and Fumaria indica Triclabendazole and levamisole combination was the most effective treatment in order followed by kamila (Mallotus philippensis) and shahtrah (Fumaria indica).
Fumaria indica frequently known as Shahtrah, it has many medicinal properties in folk medicine as an anthelmintic, diuretic, laxative and stomachic activities and it is also used for purification of blood in traditional medicine system (Gupta et al.
A review on ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Fumaria indica (Fumitory).
Broad leaf dock) and Fumaria indica (Hausskn) Pugsley (fumitory).
2008 demonstrated the hepatoprotective potential of the whole plant extracts, fraction and pure alkaloid protopine isolated from Fumaria indica.
2000); the contractile activity of crude extracts of Fumaria indica and Hibiscus rosasinesis (both containing saponins) was abolished by pretreatment with atropine suggesting that the extract contains components with cholinomimetic activity (Gilani et al.
Pharmacological basis for the use of Fumaria indica in constipation and diarrhea.
The present investigation demonstrates the hepatoprotective potential of 50% ethanolic water extract of whole plant of Fumaria indica and its three fractions viz.
In this context Fumaria indica Pugsley (Papavaraceae) commonly known as 'Fumitory' and "parpat" in Sanskrit has been used over many centuries as hepatoprotective agent (Kurma and Mishra, 1997).
Hepatoprotective activity of the whole plant of Fumaria indica.
Chemistry and pharmacology of the major alkaloid of Fumaria indica (Haussk) Pugsley.