Fuchs, Ernst


Ernst, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1851-1930.
angle of Fuchs - a crevice between the ciliary and pupillary zones of the iris, formed by atrophy of superficial layers of the iris in the pupillary zone.
Dalen-Fuchs nodules - see under Dalen
Fuchs adenoma - a benign epithelial tumor of the nonpigmented epithelium of the ciliary body, rarely exceeding 1 mm in diameter.
Fuchs atrophy - optic nerve peripheral atrophy.
Fuchs black spot - an area of pigment proliferation in the macular region in degenerative myopia.
Fuchs capsule forceps
Fuchs capsulotomy forceps
Fuchs coloboma - a congenital inferior crescent on the choroid at the edge of the optic disk. Synonym(s): congenital conus
Fuchs crypt
Fuchs dystrophy - congenital degenerative eye disease.
Fuchs epithelial dystrophy - epithelial edema secondary to endothelial dystrophy of the cornea.
Fuchs heterochromic cyclitis - Synonym(s): Fuchs syndrome
Fuchs keratome
Fuchs phenomenon - degeneration of third cranial nerve resulting in paradoxical retraction of lid in association with eye movements.
Fuchs spur - part of the insertion of the dilator muscle onto the iris sphincter.
Fuchs stoma - small depression on the surface of the iris near the margin of the pupil.
Fuchs syndrome - syndrome characterized by heterochromia of the iris, iridocyclitis, keratic precipitates, and cataract. Synonym(s): Fuchs heterochromic cyclitis
Fuchs two-way eye syringe
Fuchs uveitis - anterior uveitis and depigmentation of the iris. Synonym(s): heterochromic uveitis
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