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Denoting progressive oxidation of dye solutions, as in the ripening of hematoxylin solutions to hematein or of methylene blue to azure dyes.


1. Softening, effacement, and dilation before labor. See: Bishop's score; prostaglandin
2. Maturation of a cataract.

cervical ripening

See: cervical ripening


said of meat. See curing.
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This profile may be associated to the biosynthesis of volatiles occurring in the later stages of development and initial stages of fruit ripening.
The experimental data were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) using Statistix 9 for windows software with three-factor factorial arrangements including cultivars, harvest locations and fruit ripening periods.
Five fruits per maturity stage were used to calculate the mean color values ([+ or -]SD) for initial and final stages of fruit ripening and these plotted against sampling time.
Use of Ashe juniper fruit increased once fruit ripening began in December.
These results suggest new ideas that must be considered if the veil surrounding the mysteries of fruit ripening and softerting is to be lifted," Gross says.
Preliminary results of our tree fruit ripening program utilizing ozone look most promising, particularly relative to reducing bacteria and airborne pathogens in the warmer, high humidity rooms.
This is includes the increasing throughput of Folwer Welchs joint venture, ISS the fruit ripening and packing business based on the Teynham site.
The role of ethylene in the regulation of fruit ripening in the Hillawi date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.