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Richard, German gynecologist, 1854-1912. See: Chiari-Frommel syndrome.
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The actual rules that guide monetary policies in Poland and other Central European countries have been modeled and tested by Frommel et al.
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En la RARU aparecen tambien aportes de distintos profesionales: Julio Frommel, Teodoro Alvarez, Juan Ambrosoni, Alfredo Ramos Montero, Brenno Benedetti; Rafael Rubio, Jose Arechavaleta y Teodoro Visaires, entre otros.
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It is well known that many antifungal compounds may also present antileishmanial activity, due to the ability to bind to ergosterol that constitutes the membrane of Leishmania and cell walls of fungus (Gebre-Hiwot and Frommel 1993; Paila et al.
Thereafter the system has seen a credit growth that moderated in 2005-2006 (Frommel and Karagyozova 2008) and then picked up again at an unprecedented rapid rate up to the burst of the global financial crisis.
Rijser is quick to acknowledge and express appreciation to great scholars from whom he has learned and borrowed, including Christoph Frommel, John Shearman, Ingrid Rowland and Bram Kempers.
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