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Alfred, Austrian neurologist and pharmacologist, 1871-1953. See: Fröhlich dwarfism, Fröhlich syndrome.
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Politician Peter Frolich said a broad majority in Norway's 169-seat parliament back the centreright government's proposal.
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From a highly innovative attempt to conduct a laboratory test of John Rawls's (1971) theories about how much inequality people see as tolerable, Norman Frolich and Joe Oppenheimer concluded that the desire to set a floor on poverty is almost universal.
Child obesity campaigner Amanda Frolich, says: "By the time kids reach eight or nine it is too late and thousands of children are already obese - it's an epidemic so we need to start tackling this earlier, from as young as four months.
Insofar as it functions as a work of history, Jesi's book largely follows the accounts of the Spartacist Uprising given by Paul Frolich and Peter Nettl in their biographies of Rosa Luxemburg.
Im Zentrum steht der Roman Virginia oder die Kolonie von Kentucky (1820) von Henriette Frolich, der mit seinem Untertitel "Mehr Wahrheit als Dichtung" selbstbewusst auf das Goethe sehe Vorbild anspielt.
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For more information please contact Ivar Frolich, pr@turbotapegames.
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The implementation of a school-based SRH model is discussed by Frolich et al.