Alfred, Austrian neurologist and pharmacologist, 1871-1953. See: Fröhlich dwarfism, Fröhlich syndrome.
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CWAs comprise a very small percentage of Florida's available land and waters," says Kipp Frohlich, Interim Director of the FWC's Division of Wildlife and Habitat Conservation.
Created by Eric and Debra Von Frohlich, fitness industry veterans, Row House is a boutique rowing concept that strives to give people of all different fitness levels an efficient, high-cardio, full-body workout in less than one hour.
BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, has confirmed that it is presently working on 48V mild-hybrids that are to be launched in the near future, according to the company's chief of development, Klaus Frohlich.
Cliff Frohlich, a senior research scientist at the University of Texas at Austin who has studied seismicity for decades, said "some companies in [the] industry have been very forward-looking about getting some of their best people working on this," while "others have stuck their heads in the sand or been very secretive.
BMW's Klaus Frohlich said: "The trend towards electric mobility is irreversible.
Now the two friends Kloppo and Wagner will see each other not just in their freetime Hans-Peter Frohlich Well done Huddersfield from the gas boys Richard Page Huddersfield fans who've had season tickets since 2009 will be able to buy one for PS100 next season.
The latter species in majority of its range in the Middle East and the Balkans breeds in scattered woods and forest steppe, but in Central Europe it is mostly synanthropic breeding in man-made urban and rural woody vegetation (Szlivka 1957, Winkler 1972, Ciach & Frohlich 2013, Michalczuk & Michalczuk 2016a).
Cassel M, Baur H, Hirschmuller A, Carlsohn A, Frohlich K, Mayer F.
The three studies (Smith 2014 [32], Brunelin 2012 [31] and Frohlich 2016 [33] ) were included with 89 participants(45 in the active group, 44 in the sham group).
But this gap, concerning the lack of attention given to how learner differences influence language learning strategy use and language achievement was, later on, filled by researchers like Bialystok and Frohlich,8 Oxford and Ehrman,9 Oxford and Nyikos,10 and Yang.
But we didn't know if sleep spindles enable or even cause memories to be stored and consolidated," said senior author Flavio Frohlich, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and member of the UNC Neuroscience Center.
Raves from colleagues: Ballet master Jean-Pierre Frohlich, who oversees the Robbins repertoire, recalls, "It was easy to direct Joe in Fancy Free.