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de Quervain,

Fritz, Swiss surgeon, 1868-1940.
de Quervain disease - fibrosis of the sheath of a tendon of the thumb. Synonym(s): radial styloid tendovaginitis
de Quervain fracture - fracture of navicular bone with dislocation of lunar bone.
de Quervain incision
de Quervain release
de Quervain tenolysis
de Quervain tenosynovitis
de Quervain thyroiditis - thyroiditis with round cell infiltration, destruction of thyroid cells, epithelial giant cell proliferation, and evidence of regeneration. Synonym(s): subacute granulomatous thyroiditis
Quervain abdominal retractor
Quervain cranial forceps
Quervain elevator
Quervain forceps
Quervain incision
Quervain release
Quervain rongeur
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(2) One hundred years ago for the first time, Fritz De Quervain described surgical treatment of this disease.
Paraesthesia, hypesthesia, and painful neuromas may result due to excessive retraction, partial or complete transection of nerve (Fritz De Quervain, 1895).