Friendly Fire

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Any unintentional discharge or misdirection of firepower or other weapons of war (e.g., gunfire, dropping of bombs and shelling by long-range weapons) in an armed conflict against combatants of the same side
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In the worst of a series of friendly fire incidents, 18 American special forces and their Kurdish allies were killed when they were bombed by a US warplane - the terrible scenes were captured in all too graphic reality by John Simpson and his BBC team travelling with the convoy.
There were no casualties reported in the friendly fire incident.
Earlier, a soldier killed in a suspected friendly fire incident on Sunday was identified as Kingsman Sean Dawson, from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.
ANOTHER British soldier has been killed in a second possible friendly fire incident in Afghanistan this week, the Ministry of Defence said last night.
THREE British soldiers have been killed and two injured in an apparent friendly fire incident in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said today.
THIRTY US troops were wounded, two ``very seriously'', in a friendly fire incident in central Iraq, it emerged yesterday.
FOOTBALL fans wore strips and unfurled a Union flag to honour a soldier killed in a suspected friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.
And a US fighter is feared to have killed at least one Allied soldier in a separate friendly fire incident.
A CORONER has called for changes to military procedures to prevent a repetition of a friendly fire incident that killed three British soldiers in Afghanistan.
A US PLANE killed a British soldier and seriously injured at least two others in another disastrous friendly fire incident yesterday.
Instead, it was "possible" one of the group's own mines went off or that an artillery strike went awry - though an MoD spokesman could only say: "An investigation is under way into a suspected friendly fire incident.
Three soldiers injured in a previous friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, including Captain Paul, 30, from Chicago, who suffered a perforated ear drum, arrived home yesterday.

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