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Walter, Austrian pathologist in U.S., 1887-1960. See: Schiller test.
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El libro La tragedia como conjuro: el problema de lo sublime en Friedrich Schiller, escrito por Maria del Rosario Acosta como su tesis de Doctorado en Filosofia, nos presenta la complejidad del pensamiento schilleriano desde un punto de vista que pone de manifiesto la importancia de este autor dentro de la historia de la filosofia.
Phyllida Lloyd's steely revival of the Friedrich Schiller play simmers and scalds as it should, but it's the deft balance of the parallel tragedies of two imprisoned queens that makes the production so enthralling.
Hatzes of the Thuringia State Observatory and Gunther Wuchterl of the Astrophysical Institute and the University Observatory of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.
So has a mix of "naive expression," to use Friedrich Schiller's term, and aesthetic sophistication.
There are allusions to more recent authors and their works, including Friedrich Schiller, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the Grimm brothers and indirect or veiled comments on the artistic, philosophical, and intellectual trends such as Friedrich Nietzsche's work.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge's translation of lines by Friedrich Schiller
The national touring company of Margaret Edson's Wit, the Huntington Theatre Company's staging of Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart and Lyric Stage Company's mounting of John Henry Redwood's The Old Settler shared top honors--for outstanding visiting production, large resident company and small resident company, respectively--at the Elliot Norton Awards, presented in June by the Boston Theatre Critics Association.
Rupert was nominated for his portrayal of the title role in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Friedrich Schiller's Don Carlos, first staged at The Other Place last year.
Friedrich Schiller's dictum 'It is the spirit that forms its body' could be regarded as Haring's central principle.
Adrian Mourby looks at the long line of history operas inspired by the works of the German romantic poet Friedrich Schiller and finds Hollywood is still inspired by Schiller's style.
von Goethe, and Friedrich Schiller were major figures in the German classical literary movement.