Friedreich, Nikolaus

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Friedreich, Nikolaus

(fret'rik?, fred')
Ger. neurologist, 1825–1882.

Friedreich ataxia

An inherited degenerative disease with sclerosis of the dorsal and lateral columns of the spinal cord. It is accompanied by muscular uncoordination, speech impairment, lateral curvature of the spinal column, with muscle paralysis, esp. of the lower extremities. The onset is in childhood or early adolescence.
Synonym: heredoataxia

Friedreich sign

1. Sudden collapse of the cervical veins that were previously distended at each diastole. The cause is an adherent pericardium.
2. Lowering of the pitch of the percussion note that occurs over an area of cavitation during inspiration.
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Nikolaus, German neurologist, 1825-1882.
Friedreich ataxia - sclerosis of the posterior and lateral columns of the spinal cord, occurring in children and marked by ataxia in the lower extremities, extending to the upper, followed by paralysis and contractures. Synonym(s): Biemond ataxia; hereditary spinal ataxia
Friedreich disease - an ill-defined disorder marked by rapid and widespread muscle contractions Synonym(s): Friedreich spasms; myoclonus multiplex; paramyoclonus multiplex
Friedreich phenomenon - the tympanitic percussion sound over a pulmonary cavity is slightly raised in pitch on deep inspiration.
Friedreich sign - in adherent pericardium, sudden collapse of the previously distended veins of the neck at each diastole of the heart.
Friedreich spasms - Synonym(s): Friedreich disease
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