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Emanuel A., U.S. obstetrician, studied the graphical analysis of labor progression. His research generated the Friedman curve (q.v.) or labor curve.
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"The higher the SPF, the stronger the protection against the burning UVB rays," says Dr Friedmann.
A year after the fateful hike, Friedmann had simplified the overly embellished A-frame, including, as she puts it, "wilding up" the landscape with hundreds of native plants.
Moss recruited him in 1981 in Friedmann's first year announcing for Northwestern's marching band.
"When the carriers began introducing mega vessels to deploy to the Pacific Rim, they didn't consider the pressure this would place on terminals and truckers," Friedmann says.
"For mild acne we can prescribe a low dose antibiotic such as tetracycline which suppresses pimples, clears bacteria and reduces inflammation," Dr Friedmann says.
Stress is also a risk factor, Dr Friedmann says: "Stress-related hair loss is particularly common in people who suppress feelings of stress and anger - those that implode rather than explode.
The book is well written; Friedmann has an eye for detail in description and her dialogue moves along smartly and crisply.
Applying the first law of thermodynamics on the event horizon and using the usual entropy-area relation, we have derived the Friedmann equations the same as the ones obtained via other approaches.
This Friedmann's equation assumes that the new space created during the expansion is just empty, and theoretically, ideal.
Friedmann, who will serve as principal investigator, is also teaming with National Institute on Aging Intramural Research Program colleagues Eleanor Simonsick, PhD, epidemiologist, Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA), and Stephanie Studenski, MD, MPH, chief, Longitudinal Studies Section Translational Gerontology and director, BLSA, and with Nancy R.
Peter Friedmann, an addiction treatment specialist in Springfield, Mass., and chief research officer for Baystate Health.