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Emanuel A., U.S. obstetrician, studied the graphical analysis of labor progression. His research generated the Friedman curve (q.v.) or labor curve.
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The second credits Alan Greenspan with possibly averting panics by making Friedmanite liquidity injections, whereas it blames the severity of the financial crises of 2007-2008 at least in part on Bernanke's consistent failure to do so.
But as I said I'm a Friedmanite optimist and believe in the efficacy of teaching, so let's teach.
If there really is a social contract that requires business to honor a moral minimum, then a business manager on the Friedmanite model is dutybound to obey it.
By Klein's account, China is another country that violently imposed Friedmanite reforms.
At no stage did I make any claims for Phillips as a precursor of "a Friedmanite longrun vertical (no trade-off) Phillips curve" (Chapple, 1996a, p.
Much of this represents a (healthy) antidote to the Keynesian unconcern about monetary policy; but it is often pushed to the Friedmanite extremes, without paying much regard to the processes of growth and employment generation, which are the primary concerns of development economics.
Another is that the results are not derived from a structural model, but from a simple model of permanent and transitory changes which is, by the way, a traditional Friedmanite approach.
He dumps into the recycle bin the Friedmanite axiom--Tom, that is, not Milton--that no government will be able to crush the Internet's libertarian spirit, an idea first enunciated by John Perry Barlow in his famous "Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" in 1996.
Even though he adopted the Milton Friedmanite phrase "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" as a slogan for his revolutionaries fighting colonial oppression in Moon, Heinlein was not deeply embedded in the economic strain of libertarianism, which stresses the importance of spontaneous order, the failures of central planning, and the efficiency of free markets.
Now it is Friedmanite and the left has been performing somersaults.
From a theoretical point of view, this approach is highly controversial and is, in fact, against the spirit of the Friedmanite demand theory model.