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Up to that point Dartmouth's overseas player, South African Matthew Friedlander (3-71), had failed to take a wicket, but that changed in the 44th over when he bowled Mansell.
"Some of our colleges are 70 years old," said Carl Friedlander, president of the American Federation of Teachers College Guild Local 1521, which represents the nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District.
Appoints Friedlander as Florida Communications Consultant
Synopsis: For more than five decades, Lee Friedlander has repeatedly been drawn to the signs that inscribe the American landscape ranging from hand-lettered ads, to storefront windows, to massive billboards.
CHICAGO -- Though research shows that nail fungus occurs in just 0.3% of pediatric patients in the United States, that's not what Sheila Friedlander, MD, is seeing in her southern California practice, where it's not uncommon to see children whose nails, toe nails in particular, have fungal involvement.
Second, we must determine whether Friedlander is entitled to sentence credit for time he spent at liberty after being mistakenly released from prison without being transferred to serve his remaining conditional jail time.
M & R Friedlander Supply Company has been operating from a single-story factory at 550 Trinity Avenue for over 60 years.
The delegation was headed by the founder of the commission, Ezra Friedlander, an ultra-Orthodox consultant and lobbyist from New York who spearheaded efforts to have the award granted to Sadat.
Friedlander and Gerber raise the stature of the Act to a prominent position in the history of Reconstruction.
In the preface to this fitness guide for singers, Claudia Friedlander recounts her lifelong love affair with singing.
The magazine you are reading was the brainchild of a 20-year-old Boston University student nobody had ever heard of named Lanny Friedlander, who stapled together and mailed out the first mimeographed issues from a hopelessly disorganized room at his mother's brick house in Brighton, Massachusetts.