friction burn

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fric·tion burn

(frikshŭn bŭrn)
An injury caused by rubbing against a rough surface, which removes layers of the skin.
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District Judge Michael Fanning described the assault as "unpleasant" and resulting in a nasty friction burn to the victim.
"He was left with a purply-red mark on his neck like a friction burn." Sgt Tierney, who has been in the force for 28 years and lives in the same street as Tym, told Chester Crown Court that Mr Mayers punched him first as he tried to stop a confrontation.
Ms Naughton was seen at the fracture clinic at Limerick Regional Hospital on various follow-up dates where it was also noted she had suffered a friction burn of the skin on her left calf.
I came off the wall once in Germany and took all the skin off my chest with a friction burn. I was quite young then.
Dizzy, confused and with a friction burn on my forehead I removed my little cherub from his cot.
"I've also got bruising and a friction burn on my elbow where I was trampled on and my back aches from where I fell on it," she said.
"The girl had suffered a possible fracture to her cheek, a bump to her head, a graze and bruising to her hip and a friction burn to her left knee."
He told the court how he could not get through the gate so climbed over the fence sustaining a friction burn to his left arm.
Ambulance chiefs said the girl, from Erdington, was lucky to have survived and escaped with relatively minor injuries, including a fractured cheek, bruised head, grazed hip and friction burn to her knee.
He suffered a friction burn and fracture to his left wrist.
Or got a friction burn on some other exposed piece of anatomy.
His friend William Leaver, who activated the tripwire, suffered a burn on his lower back and friction burn on his ankle.