freudian slip

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freud·i·an slip

a mistake in speech or deed that presumably suggests some underlying motive, often sexual or aggressive in nature.

Freudian slip

A verbal mistake that is thought to reveal a repressed belief, thought, or emotion.

freudian slip

(in freudian psychology) a behavioral error in speech or action that is believed to reveal a hidden motive in the unconscious thoughts or feelings of the perpetrator. Also called parapraxis.

freu·di·an slip

(froyd'ē-ăn slip)
A mistake in speech or deed that presumably suggests some underlying motive, often sexual or aggressive.

Freudian slip

A popular term for any minor error, or muddle, in speech or writing that appears to reveal an unconscious wish or preoccupation. Such slips are inevitable in the operation of any system as complex as that of the human mind, and while there are numerous obvious instances in which errors may display opinions and prejudices we are trying to conceal, there is no reason to accept Freud's claim that they are always significant. Freud used the term parapraxis. See also FREUDIAN THEORY. (Sigmund Freud, 1856–1939, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist).


Sigmund, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, 1856-1939, founder of psychoanalysis.
Freud theory - a comprehensive theory of how personality is formed and develops in normal and emotionally disturbed individuals.
freudian - relating to or described by Freud.
freudian fixation
freudian psychoanalysis - the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy as developed by Freud.
freudian slip - a mistake in speech or deed which presumably suggests some underlying motive, often sexual or aggressive in nature.
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