frequency domain

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fre·quen·cy do·main

the expression of a function by its amplitude and phase at each component frequency, usually as determined by Fourier analysis.
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HRA_cauchy_demo1 simply plots the Cauchy functions in frequency space at the center frequencies (Refer to Appendix).
Its harmonic function offers a fast way to set up a complex arbitrary waveform in frequency space by allowing the user to set the power and phase for each of the first 16 harmonics of the fundamental from the front panel.
Figure 2(b) shows the 3-D data surface in the spatial frequency space after resampling.
Although ZigBee/802.15.4 networks share the same general frequency space as Wi-Fi, several ZigBee channels fall outside the typical 11 channel Wi-Fi frequency range.
But critics of Ofcom's plans fear community-based TV companies would be outbid for frequency space by wealthier commercial channels, such as gambling or catalogue channels, and be excluded from the airwaves.
He presents 14 chapters on image acquisition, human vision, printing and storage, correcting image defects, image enhancement in the spatial domain, processing images in frequency space, segmentation and thresholding, processing binary images, global image measurements, feature-specific measurements, feature recognition and classification, tomographic imaging, three-dimensional image visualization, and imaging surfaces.
It often proves to be advantageous to work in the frequency space because the comparison of the contours of different objects is simplified.
The rules, designed to free up radio frequency space for the booming market in wireless devices, also forbid the manufacture or sale of parts for the current broadband radio system after 2007, says Sheriff's Capt.
In the field, CDMA service carriers have been placed with some frequency space between them.
It is therefore of interest to work in frequency space when analyzing the unknown behavior of such problems numerically.
A spokesman for Channel 5 said, "It would be nice to be able to broadcast to the whole of Wales terrestrially but we can't now as there isn't enough frequency space available to us.
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