frenulum linguae

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 [fren´u-lum] (pl. fren´ula) (L.)
a small fold of integument or mucous membrane that limits the movements of an organ or part.
frenulum of clitoris a fold formed by union of the labia minora on the undersurface of the clitoris.
frenulum of ileocecal valve a fold formed by the joined extremities of the ileocecal valve, partially encircling the lumen of the colon.
frenulum labio´rum puden´di fourchette.
frenulum lin´guae frenulum of tongue.
frenulum of lip a median fold of mucous membrane connecting the inside of each lip to the corresponding gum.
frenulum of prepuce of penis a fold under the penis connecting it with the prepuce.
frenulum of pudendal labia the posterior junction of the labia minora; called also fourchette.
frenulum of superior medullary velum a band lying in the superior medullary velum at its attachment to the inferior colliculi.
frenulum of tongue the vertical fold of mucous membrane under the tongue, attaching it to the floor of the mouth; called also frenulum linguae.
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fren·u·lum of tongue

a fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the undersurface of the tongue.
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