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Drug slang A regional term for crack
Nutrition Chips—UK A fast food consisting of long squared strips of potatoes deep-fired in oil and usually heavily salted. A small—68 gram—order of McDonald’s French fries has 209 calories with 10 grams of fat; a large—176 gram—order has 541 calories and 25 grams of fat; more than half of that fat is saturated
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Joop Van Drunen, both remarks: "We are aiming to build an industry leading French fry processing line in China that delivers the highest quality and performance, while also reducing waste and impact on the environment."
French fry samples were homogenized in ligroine using a stainless steel blender, and the solvent was decanted.
It is not prohibitive, however, for the round tubers to be used in French fry processing so long as they meet the size specification [6].
Ameriserve argued that PACA does not protect coated and battered potato products, rejecting five PACA trust claims exceeding $11 million asserted by five of the largest french fry manufacturers in the United States.
USDA was quick to point out that the classification applies to commerce and not to nutrition, where a batter-coated French fry would be classed as a processed food.
food supply may bear traces of acrylamide, he says, "so, this is not just a french fry or potato chip story."
Burger King's Product Consistency department informed us that the recipe for the French fry coating was last reformulated in the spring of 2001.
And after all, anyone--even a sleepy morning newspaper reader--can relate to a French fry.
* For consistent results, keep all other variables, like the size of the french fry, the same.
Richard Read is the first to admit that global economics isn't the easiest to understand, but he figured everyone can relate to a French fry. So to bring home the local impact of the Asian financial crisis, he followed a load of fries from a local farm to a McDonald's in Singapore, where he interviewed a family eating them.
In the Pacific Northwest, a Caterpillar 3406E electronic diesel, running on a fuel derived from used french fry oil, has powered a Kenworth Class 8 truck operated by J.
The achievement of its French fry vendor project team was recently recognized in the 1995 APEX (American Product Excellence) Awards, organized by Management Roundtable Inc.