French Fries

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Drug slang A regional term for crack
Nutrition Chips—UK A fast food consisting of long squared strips of potatoes deep-fired in oil and usually heavily salted. A small—68 gram—order of McDonald’s French fries has 209 calories with 10 grams of fat; a large—176 gram—order has 541 calories and 25 grams of fat; more than half of that fat is saturated
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Briefing about some major insights that are included in the study are Global (United States, European Union and China) Frozen French Fries Sales (K Units) and Revenue (Million USD), definitions, classifications, applications and industry overview; market policies and strategy; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on.
French fries can also be served with flavoured mayonnaise.
And, some other day, I will tell her my French Fries story.
"Food processors typically pay about $250 per sample to have French fries or other products analyzed for acrylamide.
Acrylamide production in french fries may be reduced by cooking in olive oil.
Besides french fries offered in a myriad of cut sizes and special varieties for extra-long holding times or preparation in convection ovens, there are also highly convenient hash brown and croquette items.
fast food chains now claim that their food items, particularly French fries, have "no trans-fat".
6 -- The Indian arm of US fast food giant McDonald's Wednesday rejected the notion that the potatoes for its popular French fries were being imported from abroad, saying it has stood by its commitment to source all ingredients locally.
"THE WIDE BELT WAS A BAD CHOICE," moaned ABC7 weatherman John Scalzi at the end of an afternoon dedicated to finding the best French fries in Sarasota.
French fries and potato crisps are the most consumed industrially processed potato products in Kenya, especially in the major urban centers [2, 3].
Tuna Melt Ing redients 1 small tin of tuna, 1 small tin of sweet corn Mayonnaise 1 slice of bloomer bread 100g grated cheddar French fries on the side if you wish Method Drain the tuna and sweet corn, mix with the mayonnaise.
French Fries provides an outstanding survey of some sixty recipes for every kind of fry, from pesto to sweet potato.