Bedrich, Czech orthopedist, 1890-1972. See: Frejka pillow splint.
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In anticipation of the atrocities of World War II, Frantisek Troster (1904-1968), the leading scenographer of the 1930s, and his artistic partner, director Jin Frejka, staged Julius Caesar at National Theatre in 1936.
They shared similar characteristics with respect to the state socialistic regime and the predominant pro-natalist social and population polices (Frejka 2008).
The total fertility rate increased from 1.3 (2006) to 1.57 (2010) (Frejka and Zakharov 2012).
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It has decided emails and addresses are probably what it wants to sell, specifically "67 million customer name and physical mailing address files together with any associated transaction data collected by the Debtors within the five (5) year period prior" to its bankruptcy, according to a recommendation by the company's attorney, Elise Frejka.
Hay, entonces, una relacion entre la transicion demografica y la transicion epidemiologica (Frenk, Bobadilla, Stern, Frejka & Lozano, 1991a; Galyin & Kates, 1997), pues las tasas de sobrevivencia mayores determinan un crecimiento en la proporcion de mujeres, jovenes y ninos en la poblacion total, que queda expuesta a las enfermedades cronicas y el proceso degenerativo natural.
Frejka (1981) estimated that a plausible "low" projection for 2050 is 8.76 billion, and a plausible "high" projection 11.02 billion; the mean of the two projections is 9.89 billion.