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Saxon, Saxony

popular strain of Australian merino fine or superfine woolled sheep.
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The Freistaat Sachsen intends to build a universally usable new building for the use of building materials technology, teaching and workshop area of the faculty design, computer pools with necessary staff rooms of the faculty of computer science / mathematics, office work rooms and archive for the university for technology and economy in Dresden.
The Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport (SMWA) needs a service provider for programming the visualization, CMS programming, and help with technical problems for the administrative portal (SMWA website) and the related thematic portals (thematically separated websites) , Implementation of content and structural changes, creation of graphics and portal illustrations, HTML source code programming and conceptual support, as well as creation and realization of designs in compliance with the design guidelines for Internet offers of the Freistaat Sachsen (Styleguide).
Contract notice: Framework agreement - provision and use of fiber-optic connections to the tenant~s locations in freistaat sachsen.