Ruysch, Frederik

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Frederik, Dutch anatomist, 1638-1731.
Ruysch membrane - the internal layer of the choroidea of the eye, composed of a very close capillary network. Synonym(s): choriocapillary layer
Ruysch muscle - the muscular tissue of the fundus of the uterus.
Ruysch tube - a minute tubular cavity opening in the nasal septum.
Ruysch veins - Synonym(s): Retzius veins
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A wealthy man with a penchant for natural history, von Uffenbach visited botanical gardens, anatomical theaters, and cabinets of curiosity including the cabinet of the anatomist Frederik Ruysch, where he got a peek at a preserved head of young girl reputed to be so life-like that Peter the Great had once kissed it.
An important pioneer in perfecting these early embalming techniques was Frederik Ruysch of Leiden.
In spite of this goal, however, she does not emphasize her corrections to past publications, such as the fact that Merian "was a Calvinist, not a Lutheran, that she went to Suriname with her younger, not her older daughter, that she was not sponsored by Nicolaes Witsen, burgomaster of Amsterdam, nor by the scholarly physician and collector Frederik Ruysch, that she did not die in poverty, and so on" (13).