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Joseph von, German optician, 1787-1826. See: Fraunhofer lines.
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Recent work in Germany at the Fraunhoffer Institute has resulted in the creation of holographic images on hardened steel stamping dies using controlled detonation (see HN Vol 22, No 6).
Para estudo das caracteristicas granulometricas da CBC, esta foi submetida a diferentes periodos de moagem em um moinho de bolas, com as distribuicoes granulometricas estabelecidas por difracao a laser (metodo de Fraunhoffer) e as areas de superficie especificas por adsorcao de [N.sub.2] (metodo de [S.sub.BET]) empregando-se o aparelho ThermoAnalytical QsurfM3.
Ltd., India; Gordon Edge, head of offshore wind, British Wind Energy Association; Sven Teske, renewable energy analyst, Greenpeace, Germany; Volker Hoffmann, Fraunhoffer Institute, Germany; Andrew Williamson, sustainable energy advisor, Cambodia; Jose Luis Garcia, head of energy and climate, Greenpeace, Spain; and Emelio Menendez, former director for R & D at Endesa Power Corp., Spain.
Working together with the National Microelectronics Research Center (NMRC) in Ireland and Fraunhoffer Institute in Germany, Farran led an ESA project in developing Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) technology for operating in the 100 GHz band.
It can also be used to create CD's or MP3 collection in a WYSIWYG way as it has built in support for CD Writing and for Lame, Gogo or Fraunhoffer MP3 encoders.
Audio can be recorded from soundcard or mp3 stream, ripped from CD or taken from an existing file, processed using a number of audio processing techniques, trimmed or split into separate songs automatically or under user control and then recorded to a variety of formats including WAV, MP3 (using Fraunhoffer, Gogo or Lame encoder) OGG, VQF and WMA or burnt to audio CD (ASPI layer required).

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