Fraunhofer lines

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ab·sorp·tion lines

the dark lines in the solar spectrum corresponding to wavelengths originally emitted by inner layers of the Sun but then absorbed by various elements present in gaseous form in cooler layers and in the Earth's atmosphere.
Synonym(s): Fraunhofer lines
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Fraunhofer lines

[Joseph von Fraunhofer, Ger. optician, 1787–1826]
Absorption bands or lines seen in a spectrum, caused by the absorption of groups of light rays in their passage through solids, liquids, or gases.
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Joseph von, German optician, 1787-1826.
Fraunhofer lines - a number of the most prominent of the absorption lines of the solar spectrum.
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As Gustav Kirchhoff understood [1], Fraunhofer lines are produced when light is absorbed by gaseous atoms located above the level of the solar surface where the continuous photospheric spectrum is emitted.
Another story concerns Kirchhoff's investigation of whether the Fraunhofer lines could reveal the presence of gold in the sun.
Thus, Fraunhofer's dark D line reveals the presence of sodium in the Sun, while the rest of the Fraunhofer lines indicate the presence of different chemical elements, including the Sun's major constituent, hydrogen.

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