Joseph F., Jr., epidemiologist, *1933. See: Li-Fraumeni cancer syndrome.
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In Chapter 12 of The World Economy Gang Liu and Barbara Fraumeni provide an international survey of research on human capital investment.
Some authors assert that healthy worker survivor bias does not appreciably affect estimates of the health effects of arsenic (Lubin and Fraumeni 2000).
Although the established risk factors involve genetic mutations (Li Fraumeni syndrome) and ionizing radiations.
Uncommon risk factors include genetic disorders such as neurofibromatosis and Li Fraumeni syndrome and previous radiation therapy.
2009 version of the Chompret criteria for Li Fraumeni syndrome.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has periodically published "satellite accounts" that estimate the value of production by households (Landefeld and McCulla 2000, Landefeld, Fraumeni, and Vojtech 2009, and Bridgman and others, 2012).
Chow WH, Devesa SS, Warren JL, Fraumeni JF Jr (1999) Rising incidence of renal cell cancer in the United States.
Interestingly, several human genetic disorders, familial cancer syndromes such as Li- Fraumeni syndrome, history of trauma, Paget's disease of bone, fibrous dysplasia, osteoblas- toma, osteochondroma, radiation exposure and recently the high-fluoride level in drinking water are all linked to an increase risk of development of osteosarcoma.
Chow WH, Gridley G, Mellemkjaer L, McLaughlin JK, Olsen JH, Fraumeni JF Jr.
Engels EA, Pfeiffer RM, Fraumeni JF Jr, Kasiske BL, Israni AK, et al.
1,7) It also has been associated with metallic implants, joint prosthesis and in some genetic syndromes, Li Fraumeni syndrome, hereditary retinoblastoma and Rothmund- Thomson syndrome.
The methodology used was based on the pioneering work of Jorgenson and Fraumeni (1989), and (1992).

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