Joseph F., Jr., epidemiologist, *1933. See: Li-Fraumeni cancer syndrome.
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As established in Landefeld and McCulla (2000), Landefeld, Fraumeni, and Vojtech (2009), Bridgman and others (2012), and Bridgman (2016), household production is an important consideration when evaluating aggregate production; that is, it provides a useful complement to the gross domestic product (GDP) estimates published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).
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In Chapter 12 of The World Economy Gang Liu and Barbara Fraumeni provide an international survey of research on human capital investment.
Some authors assert that healthy worker survivor bias does not appreciably affect estimates of the health effects of arsenic (Lubin and Fraumeni 2000).
Although the established risk factors involve genetic mutations (Li Fraumeni syndrome) and ionizing radiations.11 But the exact aetiological and risk factors involved in pathogenesis of glial tumours are still not clear.10 However, new therapeutic and diagnostic modalities have been devised by understanding molecular and morphological characteristics of tumours that includes tumour subtypes and histological grades.10
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Uncommon risk factors include genetic disorders such as neurofibromatosis and Li Fraumeni syndrome and previous radiation therapy.
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