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Franz, German surgeon, 1832-1910.
König disease - complete or incomplete separation of joint cartilage and underlying bone, usually involving the knee. Synonym(s): osteochondritis dissecans
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He was considered the informal leader of a liberal wing of the College of Cardinals during the early John Paul years, joined by like-minded figures such as Franz Konig in Vienna; Basil Hume in Westminster, England; Godfried Danneels in Brussels; Joseph Bernardin in Chicago; and Aloisio Lorscheider and Paulo Arns in Brazil, all of whom saw themselves as carriers of the council's legacy.
Writing in The Tablet in 2002, the late Cardinal Franz Konig, archbishop of Vienna, referred to Nostra Aetate as "one of the most, if not the most, important" of all of the council's declarations.
For almost 30 years, from 1956 to 1985, the dominant force in Austrian Catholic life was the late Cardinal Franz Konig, an architect of Vatican n and a hero to the church's progressive wing.
Thank you for the important article by Christa Pongratz-Lippit (NCR, March 21) with her transcription of a revealing conversation between Cardinal Franz Konig and Fr.
Cardinal Franz Konig died nine months before Dupuis, the last cardinal then alive to have been elevated by the late Pope John XXIII.
Cardinal Franz Konig, archbishop of Vienna, was one of the great men of the church and an architect of the Second Vatican Council's achievement.
Cardinal Franz Konig of Vienna, Austria, in a July 2001 NCR interview, said the real work is done in behind-the-scenes meetings of three and four cardinals, perhaps over glasses of wine and cigars, as opposed to any of the formal events.
Through the 1970s, Austria's episcopacy--under the leadership of Cardinal Franz Konig of Vienna, one of the leaders of the progressives at Vatican II--carved out a reputation for understanding, dialogue and moderation.
Several media outlets asked me to comment recently on remarks made by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to reporters covering the funeral of Austria's late Cardinal Franz Konig. In what struck many as an uncharacteristic flourish, Ratzinger seemed to criticize Roman centralism.
Leo O'Donovan, art the appreciation of Cardinal Franz Konig by John L.