Sylvius, Franciscus

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Sylvius, Franciscus

Franciscus Sylvius, Latinization of François Dubois (Franz de le Boë), Dutch anatomist, 1614–1672.

fissure of Sylvius

The deep fissure along the side of the cerebral hemisphere separating the parietal lobe (above) from the temporal lobe (below) of the cerebrum.
Synonym: lateral fissure; lateral sulcus; sylvian fissure
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Franciscus, Dutch physician, 1614-1672.
aqueduct of Sylvius
fossa of Sylvius
sylvian angle
sylvian fissure - Synonym(s): lateral cerebral sulcus
sylvian line
sylvian point
sylvian valve - Synonym(s): valve of inferior vena cava
sylvian ventricle - Synonym(s): cavity of septum pellucidum
vallecula sylvii
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