Frankfurt horizontal plane

Frank·furt hor·i·zon·tal plane

(frahngkfurt hōri-zontăl plān)
1. A cephalometric plane that passes through the inferior borders of the bony orbits and the upper margins of the auditory meatus.
2. A reference plane in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.
[Frankfurt-am-Main Agreement, Germany, site of 1884 anatomy convention]
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* FRANKFURT HORIZONTAL PLANE (FH): The plane passing through the porion and orbita points
* U1i-FH: Distance between the Frankfurt Horizontal Plane and incisal edge of the maxillary first incisor
The AEI was measured on lateral digital skull images as the angle between the best fit line drawn along the posterior wall of the articular eminence and the Frankfurt horizontal plane. No statistically significant (p>0.05) differences between the left and right side AEI were found between MP skulls and RP skulls.
The AEI was measured in relation to the Frankfurt horizontal plane. Two points, Porion and Orbitale, were marked on the digital images.
Data was collected from lateral cephalometric radiograph taken with the patient's Frankfurt horizontal plane parallel to floor, mandible in centric occlusion and lips at rest.
Control the Frankfurt horizontal plane which runs from the lower left orbit to the upper margin of the external auditory canal (a correct exposure shows a slight smile).

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