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A term referring to various aspects of Frankenstein
adjective Referring to any enterprise—a ‘Frankenstein’—that circumvents or expands beyond the mechanisms designed to control it
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In The Mortal Immortal, Mary Shelley extends her Frankensteinian vision with a hero who just reaches the age of 323.
As much as you dreamt of an immediate sponsorship by a major equipment manufacturer, of complete uniformity in brand name and color, back then you accumulated your armor gradually, from a Frankensteinian array of sources.
In Next, Crichton kindly mentioned my 2005 book Liberation Biology, praising it as "the clearest and most complete response to religious objections to biotechnology." Nevertheless, I have long been annoyed by the Luddite and Frankensteinian themes of his novels.
Professor Pam Samuelson, in her recent article advocating top-to-bottom copyright reform, (13) has a few choice words for the current statute: they include "turgid;" (14) "hodgepodge;" (15) "an obese Frankensteinian monster;" (16) and "bloated and ugly." (17)
A Frankensteinian hodgepodge of Escape From New York, Aliens and the Mad Max trilogy, it even manages to pay homage to a moment from Battlefield Earth - rightly regarded as one of the worst films ever made.
Buildings yet to be constructed are still fermenting in the minds of their creators, brought to life through the Frankensteinian exegesis of digital renderings.
When Britney cancelled a concert in Mexico City for fear of lightning storms, she instinctively guarded against the kind of Frankensteinian re-creation that threatens to reduce her legacy to the undifferentiated sameness of interchangeable dead body parts.
Marion's growing perception of her mother as a Frankensteinian creature, modelled from various texts and approximating its human ideal in ways that are finally grotesque, serves a dual purpose in the novel.
This is the literature of Frankensteinian transformation taking discombobulated parts, galvanizing by words, and a new being springs forth.
We see the phrase "gene manipulation" and think we are in a Frankensteinian realm that has never existed before.