Frankenstein Science

An term referring to stem cell work by Fred Gage, et al., at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California; Salk and his team harvested brain cells from human cadavers and coaxed them into forming neural progenitors, which, in turn, beget adult brain cells
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Those culturally based measuring tools are nothing but a Frankenstein science, and Islamophobia in disguise that has spun out of control since 9/11.
There are surely more important things to write about than the use of the word "soccer", but since the alternative is acknowledging another crazy Frankenstein science versus fairy story rant from Mr Kokoski...
Obama confuses scientific integrity with Frankenstein science.
So for this Horizon special, Jimmy investigates whether genetically modified (GM) food is the answer to the world's food problems, or whether it's a Frankenstein science that will contaminate the world's eco-systems.
BRITAIN'S MPs last night defied stark Church warnings about "Frankenstein science" to overwhelmingly back new laws offering hope to sufferers from crippling diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and cystic fibrosis.
Mr Brown yesterday hit out at critics who have condemned as "Frankenstein science" the stem cell research being carried out in Newcastle and London.
They will vote against moves to extend hybrid research branded "Frankenstein science".
Any method of genetic manipulation that involves the alteration or destruction of human embryos is nothing more than Frankenstein science.
Charity Life said: "It is another example of Frankenstein science."
'This Frankenstein science should be banned in every civilised country.'
Nor, despite the Cardinal's intemperate, inaccurate rant, is anyone indulging in Frankenstein science. Empty - that is minus their own DNA - animal eggs will be implanted with human DNA.
But critics slammed yesterday's decision for giving the green light to "Frankenstein science" that would inevitably lead to proper human cloning.